5 Tips to Wait For Him to Answer Your Text


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Tips to Wait For Him to Answer Your Text
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You texted him 2 minutes ago and he still hasn’t replied? Here are 5 tips to wait patiently for him to Answer Your Text you and avoid harassing him at all costs!

Play Candy Crush

Or Ruzzle or Duel Quiz or any other time consuming and addictive game you have on your phone. Why ? Because it allows you to let off steam while preventing you from texting her again since your phone is hogged. Taken in your game, you will not even see the time pass.

Call your best friend – Answer Your Text

Another method to grab your phone and prevent you from giving in to the temptation to harass/insult him on the pretext that he hasn’t answered you in 30 seconds. Again, let off steam by telling your BFF about your misfortunes and telling her how much better it was before, when you didn’t have a boyfriend and it was just you and her. Because she, at least, she answered your text messages!

Get your nails done – Answer Your Text

It’s the perfect antidote to phone slippage. Take the opportunity to pamper and (relax!) your pretty handcuffs. Choose a colored polish to deter you from messing things up along the way. The icing on the cake: if he answers you in the middle of a manicure session, you will have to wait for it to dry before answering him in turn. And knock, well done for him!

5 Tips to Wait For Him to Answer Your Text

Reply to all your emails

Do you have a lot of late emails and you never find the time to answer them? It’s time ! This will allow you to catch up while thinking about something other than your late boyfriend.

Go out and leave your phone at home

For those who really don’t feel able to resist, there is a radical solution: separate yourself from the object of your misfortunes for a walk. Go out to refresh your ideas and why not do some shopping and come back an hour later: there is a good chance that, by then, your darling will have found the time to answer you! Keeping your garden a secret or playing the 100% honesty card? To last, should we tell each other everything about our past or hide certain truths? Advice.

The angry subject – Answer Your Text

If we often tend to open up without thinking about our past, and especially our exes in the early hours of a relationship, it is not uncommon for us to regret it bitterly a few months, even a few years later. Because no, all knowledge of the ex of his (her) boyfriend (e) or his (her) man (woman) has never contributed to household peace, on the contrary. By deciding to tell him everything about your romantic past, you open the door wide to small fits of jealousy and other provocative peaks “Who are you going to have a drink with? Christian? He’s not one of your exes, by any chance? “. Think carefully before you dare to reveal all your little secrets. And if you really feel the need to vent, a word of advice: stay vague and don’t give names!

The one who really annoys – Answer Your Text

But there is even worse than exes: there is infidelity . Admitting to having been unfaithful, even from an ex who is a priori a rival, is anything but a good idea. Why ? Because your new darling will necessarily imagine (and can we blame him) that if you were able to deceive one or more exes, it is undoubtedly that you will be just as able to do so. (the) deceive him (her) too, one day not so far away… Result: frightened, darling could decide to take to their heels to escape such an affront. And if by chance, he (she) decides to stay, you would do well to prepare yourself to suffer his little fits of jealousy and to be watched very closely… Moral: better keep it to yourself!

Preserve the mystery – Answer Your Text

By wanting to bet too much on transparency, you risk losing a fundamental charm within the couple, especially at the beginning of the relationship: mystery. Saying too much about yourself, your little victories and your great suffering in love, your past wounds and dashed hopes, will certainly allow your new partner to get to know you better, but aren’t there some things that it’s better to leave him alone? discover by itself, over time? And the things of the past, in the end, don’t they belong only to you? So keep these little secrets to yourself: they will help you not to repeat the same mistakes and will preserve the mystery essential to the flame of love.


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