Love Meter Test – Does Your Relationship Pass the Test?


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Do you think your romance could pass a love meter test? Are you confident in the love you have for your man and the love he has for you? Would a love meter test perhaps show you where your romance is weak and where it’s going strong?

Sometimes we just settle into a relationship and don’t really take the time to see how things are going. We don’t take inventory, analyze each other or even discuss obvious problems. We just want to hide under the bliss of being in a romance at all and hope everyone will fix themselves.

But if you really want to have a relationship that has a true chance of lasting a lifetime, take this love meter test to see if there are things you can improve. If you pass on all questions, then you can celebrate; you have a good and strong romance going.

1. Are Your Lifestyles Compatible? – Love Meter Test

  1. For now, he lives in the country and I have to go out every weekend to be with him. Hopefully, we’ll get closer soon.
  2. He loves to keep busy and barely sits down all day while I like to sit back and take it easy. I try to keep up with him and I hope he’ll tire out soon.
  3. Though we enjoy different activities, we always come together at the end of the day and enjoy our time alone.
  4. We’re heading down the same path and have a pretty clear vision of the future we want and that vision is the same for both of us.

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When the style in which you live varies greatly from the man you hook up with, it can soon come to cause problems. The love you feel for one another may not be able to handle the pressure of living as the other wishes to.

2. Do Your Values Vary?

  1. I volunteer whenever I can and love to give of my time, while he can tend to be a little selfish.
  2. While I believe strongly in being honest in every aspect of my life, I’ve seen him blatantly lie to people for no reason.
  3. Though we have some differences, we come together on the big things.
  4. I’m often surprised to see how alike we think.

3. What Does The Future Hold? – Love Meter Test

  1. I’ve told him of my desire to have children and he’s holding to his claim of wanting a life free from any ties.
  2. I’d like to one day travel the world, but he’s never even been out of town and has no desire to.
  3. He’s very ambitious and has many dreams for a business and I stand behind him and support him wholeheartedly.
  4. We’ve discussed our plans for the future and realized we both want the same thing out of life.

4. Is The Sex Overpowering?

  1. Sure is. It’s the best I’ve ever had and that’s why I love him so.
  2. It’s hot. We’re all over each other all the time and rarely go out to do anything else.
  3. The sex is great, but it is far from all we have as a couple.
  4. We love each other in every possible way.

This love meter test can be a good indicator of your relationship’s health. If you’ve checked off mostly As and Bs, you might want to take a closer look at your romance. With Cs and Ds, you can celebrate; you’ve passed the love meter test.

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