Questions to Never Ask Your Man


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Questions to never ask your man
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Many questions about your man are going through your head, but is it wise to ask them? In the couple, it is necessary to make analyses before starting a conversation. This helps establish good communication between the two parties. There are certain topics that are irrelevant or prohibited. To avoid causing an argument, it is better to keep certain things to yourself. “  All truth is not good to say  ”. There are indiscreet questions that should not be asked

Communicate well in your relationship

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s normal for you to talk about everything and nothing. This can sometimes take hours without you realising it. The more time passes, you notice that the communication in the couple actually needs analyses and preparations. Indeed, in some cases, you need to prepare yourself emotionally and choose the words you are going to say to your partner. It is also necessary to analyses well to avoid leaving a subject which is without interest and which can bore the other. After a few years, a routine settles between you and the discussion is less. This is where you have to choose the right moment and the right subject to reconnect. Both parties must work together to carry out this communication. In the couple, there are certain subjects that should be avoided. There are questions to keep to yourself and secrets to lock up if you want to make your relationship last. This is valid for both men and women.

Questions to never ask your man

20 questions to avoid asking your man

Every woman has this reckless curiosity lurking within her. What she doesn’t know is that by digging into her man’s secret garden, she is entering a forbidden land. She can discover wounding, sad, shocking secrets there… Some women still dare to venture there knowing that they won’t like what they are going to discover there. Especially since he is sure that he will tell lies to preserve himself. Here are the questions you should avoid asking your man so as not to invade his privacy and spare you hurtful answers

  1. “  If you had to choose between Scarlett Johansson and me, who would you choose?  “: are you sure you want to ask him this question, when the answer is obvious? He will certainly answer that it is you so as not to offend you.
  2. “  Between me and Jennifer Lawrence, who is the sexiest? » : as for the first question, you probably want to give him the honesty test, but know that men are masters in the art of lying. Your man will avoid any response that may affect you emotionally.
  3. ”  Do you find this girl pretty?”  » : it could be a passer-by whom you find quite pretty and the question intrigues you. If he answers “Yes”, you will get angry. If he answers “No”, you will call him a liar. It’s a small question that can create a conflict between you, no matter what question he gives you. In any case, it is always the women who get angry first in a similar situation.
  4. “  Do you think I’ve gained weight?  “: do you think you have gained weight? If so, ask him no more! As with the question about the pretty girl, you will react badly to her assertion. Otherwise, you don’t like him lying to you. It is true that you want to have his opinion on your appearance, but it is not really worth it.
  5. ”  What do your friends say about me?”  » : you may have heard things, remarks about yourself that shocked you. Yet your man will avoid answering this question, no matter the truth. What you need to do is forget the remarks and go on living. Know that to keep your man , you must also be on good terms with his friends.
  6. ”  What don’t you like about my physique?”  » : there are many possible answers and all of them can offend you. He loves you, that’s all that matters. Everyone has their flaws and he has certainly noticed yours. It’s not these little flaws that will change his feelings for you.
  7. “  Are you thinking about your ex?  » : this is the question to absolutely avoid. What if he says ”  Yes, I often think of her  “? How are you going to react? Even if he doesn’t love her anymore, that won’t stop him from thinking about them. And you ? Do you often think of your ex-lovers? With certainty: yes, since it happens to everyone to think of the good times spent, whether it concerns love or other.
  8. ”  How many women have you gone out and slept with?”  : worse than the question about ex-lovers, you don’t want to hear the answer at all. Once you get their number, you’re going to want to know their names.
  9. “  What are you thinking?  » : you find him too pensive, his head is elsewhere. Maybe at the moment he doesn’t want to talk about it. You have to give him time to digest his worries, he will always end up telling you about them when he is ready.
  10. ”  Why don’t you ever confide in me?”  ”: the same, you have to let him manage his problems alone, he will talk to you about them if he needs you. He doesn’t want you worrying about him, so he prefers to keep you away from his worries.
  11. ”  Among my friends, who would you choose to kiss?”  : it’s a stupid question, you don’t want to know the answer either. You will get angry and argue with him.
  12. ”  If I die, how long will it take before you get back together with someone else?”  » : you feel irreplaceable, all women feel the same and men know it. Normally, your man will lie to you to avoid sadness.
  13. ”  Can I come with you to your guys’ night out?” »: you know it’s a men’s night out, so women aren’t invited. For a relationship to last, everyone needs a little freedom. The more time you spend together, the more the fights get louder. He needs to see his friends alone, you too can see your friends on your side. A great idea: Host a girls’ night out while they do theirs.
  14. “  Who do you love more: your mother or me?  » : he loves you both, but he loves his mother with a maternal love and you with a passionate love. It’s different, you don’t have the right to ask him to make the choice. It is true that the relationship with the mother-in-law is often delicate, but make sure that it is less tense. You just have to agree on one thing in common: your man/son.
  15. ”  Do you really love me?” » : do you have any doubts about his love ? In any case, he will believe that you have doubts and he may get upset. Or are you asking the question, because you feel a lack? Be honest with him, he can’t read your mind. Tell him about the lack that makes you think he loves you less.
  16. “  Do you think I talk too much?  » : if you ask him tons of questions, he is sure that he will find you to be a talker. You also have to let it breathe and express itself. As you already know, there are certain topics that he deems unnecessary and will not listen to. Try to control your emotions so as not to risk becoming elated.
  17. “  What did you think when you first saw me?  “: two answers are possible: the one that delights and the one that annoys. You may then not like the answer he is going to give you, so best to avoid it.
  18. “  Am I your best shot?  » : it is better to keep silent his old stories. There are several things you don’t want to know. How can it help you to compete with someone who no longer matters to him?
  19. “  How many children do you want?  ”: commitments and responsibilities, it is better that it is he who tells you about them first. Unless you’ve talked about it before and your relationship is very serious (i.e. long-term). If your relationship is new, it’s best to avoid the question, as it may scare him away.
  20. ”  Do we really need to talk to your mother?”  ”: is there a valid reason for him not to do so? You must avoid initiating yourself between your man and your mother-in-law if you want your couple to last. Remember that she was there before you and you can never compete with maternal love questions. The solution is to try to get along with her. You will see that your man will greatly appreciate your gesture

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