My Grandmother’s Precious Love Advice


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My Grandmother's Precious Love Advice
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Today, I’m going to take you into a small fragment of my life, or rather that of my grandparents. These two people have always been role models for me. Lovers for more than 50 years, they give me, every day, a little hope for true Love Advice. Beyond the admiration I feel for this couple, there also remains a great mystery for me. This love, so strong, constitutes a sort of enigma in my eyes. Is there a secret to making love last so long? How could they find each other? Was it obvious from the start? For many of you, I am a “little guru” of love. But for me, the only love guru is forever my grandmother. So I decided to list, here, all the advice she gave me over the years.

Be careful what you seek, because you may find it.

Taken in this way, this advice seems incomprehensible. And yet, it is a sentence that really marked me. When you go fishing, you cannot know beforehand what you will get. You can, with luck, have a big fish. But you might also get a big snake out. Whatever, you have to be prepared for it when you decide to go fishing. That’s exactly what happens when you’re always trying to find out everything about your partner. You suspect a lot of things then, you will be tempted to go and search his phone, track his actions on social networks, make a survey of his work colleagues, etc. But is the game really worth the candle? We tend to think we’re ready to know all the dirty details of our partner’s life. But very soon you will realise that this is not the case. If your partner shows no signs of infidelity , do not force things.

 Love Advice Saying no has a price: Love Advice

My grandmother once said to me, “What you won’t do for your man, another woman will do.” At first I thought there was no point in this advice, but over time I realised the wisdom behind this simple phrase. Sometimes we tend to take our marriage for granted and we think that our partner will never look elsewhere. But you must understand that the life of a couple is like a plant, you must take care of it, daily, so that it can develop in the best conditions and not wither. Even if you have been in a relationship for a long time, you must continue to take care of your partner, of yourself, of your relationship.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

Oftentimes, arguments in a relationship aren’t really about each other’s character, but about misplaced and misspoken words and phrases. As such, one of his favourite sayings was, “You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” In practice, what does that mean? It’s simple, it’s important to always speak kindly, even when the situation is tense. Sweet words and kind words help the couple maintain fair, healthy, and equitable habits. And it is exactly thanks to this that you can create a stronger bond within your couple.

let him win: Love Advice

At the time, I didn’t really like this advice, believing that it was unfair. Why should I always let my partner win? As I matured, I began to understand his point of view. Conclusion: this is a very good way to live a Love Advice romantic relationship. This advice is, as you may have guessed, not to be taken literally. It is, in fact, a disguised way of saying: be open to compromise. Learn to give in when you can.

A hot and delicious meal is the secret to happiness

My grandparents always had the habit of having dinner together, regardless of the other’s schedule. At first I thought it was an outdated and even unnecessary tradition. After all, your partner should love you for you and not for your cooking skills. And that’s totally true, even if you’re a really bad cook, that shouldn’t stop your partner from loving you. But that said, cooking a meal for someone you Love Advice is a way to show them love. It’s a kind of message that you send him: even when you’re tired, you think about pleasing him. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from ordering food if you really can’t (or don’t know how) to cook.

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