5 Unexpected Signs That Prove You Are in Love


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You have been in a relationship Prove You Are in Love for some time and you feel fulfilled and happy. But are you still in love ? Here are 5 unmistakable signs.

With him, even football is great

When you are with him, no matter what you do or say, you are happy! You could talk about the weather for five hours or even listen to it speak in a language you don’t understand that would still be fine with you. With him, even football, which you hated, becomes great. No doubt: you are addicted!

You want to sing…Prove You Are in Love

You sing like a pan, yet lately, you want to sing all the time and everywhere. To jump on your bed and dance. Even when you don’t want to, you catch yourself humming. In short, you are in love!

With him, wasted time is not wasted

There are days when you do “nothing”. You spend your day in bed watching movies, cuddling , and putting the world to rights. When people ask you what you did with your day, you say “nothing”. But in reality, it feels like one of the most amazing days of your life. And that, no doubt: it is love that speaks!

Everything reminds you of him

The songs, the smells, the people in the street: who knows why, everything brings you back to him and you want to tell him everything, all the time. You feel the need to share everything with him and when he is not there, to tell him everything as quickly as possible… Ah, love!

5 Unexpected Signs That Prove You Are in Love

You are Afraid – Prove You Are in Love

You are happy. Very happy. Yet you have this inexplicable little weight on your chest, light but oppressive, like a threat. It’s fear! That mingles with your happiness. The fear of losing him. The fear that it will end. Something will happen to him. That he will hurt you. Because yes, love is beautiful but it’s also terrifying. It makes you vulnerable . But too bad: itlove’s worth it!

These are often very small details, yet men pay particular attention to them during a first date. Ladies beware, it may not be what you think…

If you are punctual

We often hear that women have to arrive late for a first date, just to make themselves “desired”… But is it true? In reality, if a late woman can “excite” some men, most of them appreciate punctuality, a guarantee of seriousness and respect. It proves that you are not “playing” and it will reassure your date. On the other hand, avoid arriving 30 minutes early: it really looks like a desperate girl !

Your phone’s wallpaper – Prove You Are in Love

We do not think about it and yet! Your mobile phone wallpaper says a lot about you and men know it! To avoid: the portrait of you (it sounds egocentric), the “BFF” photo with your best friends (it sounds like a child), the snapshot of your cute but creepy little nephew (a baby even if it’s not yours it freaks a man out on a first date). Also watch out for the thundering ringtone of Mika’s latest hit. Put it on silent!

Your attitude towards the waiter

Know this: men are very careful about this. A woman, no matter how sexy and cute, will lose all the charms of the earth if she is obnoxious to the staff. Because no matter how much you bat your eyelashes and simper to make a good impression, he will know that your true facet is not the one you are trying to sell him…

What you order – Prove You Are in Love

It may seem surprising but yes, it can mean a lot! And contrary to what one might think, a woman who tries to eat three lettuce leaves and half a tomato and who refuses to share a chocolate cake will not be the most attractive! Men appreciate “cool”, “good living” women, who know how to have fun and share a moment of complicity, and so much the worse for the calories!

Your reaction at the time of addition

Even if your date is a perfect gentleman and he has no intention of making you pay / participate, he will appreciate that you make, as a liberated and independent woman, at the time of the claimed parity, the gesture of wanting to pay , instead of waiting stupidly, as if it were “normal”, for him to draw his credit card.

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