Top 5 Awkward Moments At The Start of A Relationship


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We have all experienced this in the early hours of Start of A Relationship: awkward moments, “oops” moments when we would have paid dearly to disappear underground. A particularly embarrassing top 5. But frankly not deadly…

The Thing Between the Teeth – Start of A Relationship

The unlucky ones experience it on the very first date . Blame it on a sprig of parsley, a lettuce leaf, a piece of sausage… The thing in between makes everyone uncomfortable: it makes the victim blush (after the fact) and puts the viewer in embarrassment: “Should I tell him or not? “How to tell him without offending? In short, great discomfort. But don’t panic, no one has ever left someone for a piece of salad stuck between their teeth…

The Noise that kills – Start of A Relationship

What was that strange noise you thought you heard coming from… your body? Yes, there will inevitably come a day when you will pray, red with shame, that your darling has not heard this infamous sound coming out of your delicate and elegant person. As a result, you will change the subject hoping to create a diversion. And as an attentive lover , he (she) will act as if nothing had happened. But don’t forget to do the same the day the roles are reversed. Because it will inevitably happen, don’t worry!

The Mood Breaker – Start of A Relationship

We have all known this moment as inevitable as it is unpleasant: the moment when, in the heart of the action, for the very first time, taken by a sudden lucidity, he (she) launches the famous sentence: “Do you have a condom? », and where, carried away by passion, but already quite cold, you hesitate between grabbing one in the dark and with one hand in your drawer (but it would be a little boy (girl) who does that every night, right?) or take a few minutes pretending to think “Ah, wait, I don’t know where I put them”… In short, a moment of great discomfort. But that we forget very quickly, don’t worry…

Top 5 Awkward Moments At The Start of A Relationship

The first awakening

Everyone dreads the first revival. Tired looks, dark circles in the eyes, no make-up (for girls), disheveled hair and questionable breath… We were all terribly embarrassed one day when we opened our eyes and came face to face… with your darling who, awake for a long time, seemed to take malicious pleasure in watching us sleep. So what ? So nothing, when a person is there when you wake up and watches you sleep , there is little chance that he will run away. Especially not for a history of pillow marks on the face… So stop hiding your head in the pillow!

The desire to go to the little corner

Let the one who has never had a pressing urge (not to pee) while he was in gallant company throw the first stone at us. A doubly embarrassing situation at the start of a relationship, when the other scrutinizes your every move… So what to do? Pretext a shower to take if the toilets are in the same room (and turn on the water very loudly to drown out the unsightly noises!)? Or just do what you have to do… but as discreetly as possible of course.

How much do you earn ?

This sentence, far from being trivial, could well give rise to an embarrassed silence… So, even if your crush reveals his profession to you during this first conversation , carefully avoid mentioning his salary, the amount of his rent or his income taxes. To avoid giving the impression that you are only interested in money, know how to show discretion and do not talk about it openly. Even to ask him the price of the magnificent sweater he (or she) is wearing in his profile picture!

But why did your parents divorce, in fact?

If during your first contacts, you have already exchanged a few confidences, there is no need to insist heavily. Do not take advantage of this first call to satisfy your curiosity, but, again, express yourself with restraint. We will therefore prefer to be silent about this painful childhood wound, a monotonous professional activity or a heavy family secret… and we will let things happen naturally.

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